7 ways to have a neat, clean-cut appearance

neat - clean-cut - appearanceneat - clean-cut - appearance
neat - clean-cut - appearanceneat - clean-cut - appearance


7 ways to have a neat, clean-cut appearance

How do you see yourself when looking in the mirror? The way you see yourself is likely to differ from how others see you. So, it’s always important to take extra care of your appearance. And remember that first impressions do count. You only get one chance to make an impression, so make it worth it by always looking neat and clean.

If you have a neat, clean-cut appearance, it’ll make other people think more of you. It’ll even make you feel better about yourself. Taking care of yourself can make all the difference when you’re trying to land a job or impress someone. It doesn’t matter how attractive you are, with a neat, clean-cut appearance you’ll improve your chances of being noticed and making a good impression. So, create a routine for yourself and try your best to stick to it.

Here are a few ways to ensure you have a clean, neat appearance.


Take a shower or bath daily

It’s important to wash at least once a day. If not in the morning, then the evening. If you, for instance, wash thoroughly in the evening, then you can give your body a quick splash in the morning. Taking or shower regularly won’t just let you smell nice but will also make you feel and look fresh. Male or female, you should ensure that you shampoo your hair thoroughly and make use of a conditioner afterwards. Make use of a body wash or soap to clean everywhere. And don’t ignore places like your feet. After taking a shower, it’s important to apply a lotion that will keep your skin soft and supple.


Take care of your hair

After your body, your hair is the second thing you should take care of. It’s important to make sure it’s clean and not greasy. Remember that different types of hair have different requirements for washing. So, it’s best to find out how often you need to shampoo. However.if you wash your hair too often, it’ll strip your hair of its natural and necessary oils. There are shampoo products aimed at different hair types. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to shampoo your hair thoroughly. And make sure it’s fresh, clean and dandruff-free. Brush and comb your hair every day. This is especially needed when it’s long. Don’t overuse hair products as it can damage your hair and make it very dry and difficult to manage.


Make use of dental hygiene tools

From toothpaste and a toothbrush to mouthwash and floss, all this should do the trick. And a visit to your dentist twice a year, of course. It’s important to not only brush your teeth but tongue as well. This should be done regularly, ideally twice a day, to prevent bad breath and cavities. You should replace your toothbrush every three months in order to keep it effective and healthy.


Be aware of your body odour

If you shower and wash your hair regularly, then this shouldn’t be much of a problem. But it’s important to use deodorant or antiperspirant to ensure you smell lovely. If you have sweaty feet, you may want to try foot powder. And if you make use of a cologne or perfume, you should use it as an accent. You shouldn’t try to hide your body odour with these products. It won’t help. If you do make use of these products, don't use too much and keep the smell from becoming overwhelming. If someone can smell it from more than metre away, then you applied too much.


Keep your facial hair under control

To have a clean appearance as a guy, shave daily. People are likely to notice when you’ve shaved and will gladly compliment you. That might even make you feel better about yourself. If you have a mustache, make sure no hair covers your lips. And never let it get too bushy. It’s usually annoying for people to stare at it while talking to you. If you like having facial hair, always ensure it’s short.


Present yourself in a flattering way

Remember, you’re deciding how others should see and perceive you. So, if you want to appear presentable, live up to it. For instance, if a neat and clean cut is what you’re after, don’t dye your hair half pink and half neon green. Going natural is usually better, although you should always keep it clean. Wash your hands regularly and keep your nails trimmed and dirt-free. This is especially important if you’re working with clients on a daily basis. You should make sure your clothes are clean, presentable and fairly stylish. Don’t wear anything outrageous.


Develop a good posture

Unfortunately, you won’t appear neat and tidy with a slouched back or walking with your face to the ground. Instead, stand and sit up straight. It’ll make you look and feel better in an instant. Also, smile whenever you get the chance to do so. It may seem unnatural at first but it’ll become like second nature if you practice regularly.


Being clean, neat and tidy is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. So, take care of yourself at all times.


neat - clean-cut - appearance