Beauty tips for the woman on the go

Beauty tips for womanBeauty tips for woman
Beauty tips for womanBeauty tips for woman


Beauty tips for the woman on the go

Social media has placed a renewed emphasis on beauty. And with that comes the pressure to maintain a constant photoready appearance. With the tap of an icon, we can plug into celebrity culture and see the amazing everyday looks they create. But not everyone has the time to follow these popular social media beauty routines. The truth is, these routines are extremely time-consuming. A normal person with a busy work schedule simply can't recreate these looks with the limited amount of time they have available.

However, there are ways to emulate those everyday celeb looks we see in paparazzi snaps. In other words, it is possible to look like a toned down version of the red carpet ready celebs we see on the covers of magazines. By simply improving different elements in your life ever so slightly, you can elevate your whole look and inspire "who's-that" looks on the street.



The first step is revamping your hairstyle. Now, even though any new look will dramatically change your appearance, it's important to opt for a style that can be recreated at home. We've all experienced the dread of trying and failing to achieve that salon look at home. So, the key is to choose a style that doesn't require too much styling and maintenance. That way you can look glamorous even on the days when you simply don't have time for a full glam style.

Consider your hair in its most natural state, sans product and dye. Try to play to your hair's natural strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you have curly dark hair, it might not be advisable to go for a straight blonde bob. This look will require intense maintenance and most likely not look as good when you don't style it. The trick is to look effortlessly beautiful and the only way to achieve that is to enhance your zero effort look.



The next step is ensuring that your skin has that naturally radiant glow we've come to expect from the rich and famous. Good news is, you don't have to be rich and famous to achieve it. The only requirement is healthy skin. The sad truth is, no matter what you implement towards your new fresh and easy style, it will all go to waste if your skin doesn't follow suit. So make sure that your skin is vibrant and healthy to serve as a clean slate for your newfound effortless style.

What you need is a regular and simple skincare regimen. Mornings are usually a chaotic nightmare for most of us, so try to tackle your skincare at night. Before bed, wash and cleanse your face thoroughly and apply your favourite moisturiser generously. Then, in the morning, you only need to wash the excess oil off your face and moisturise slightly. Following this recipe will ensure healthy and glowing skin without impacting your busy morning routine.



Now that your skin is under control, it's time to rethink your makeup routine. You don't need to spend an hour every morning applying makeup if your skin is healthy and radiant. With a few products, you can create a stunning look with minimal effort and in a short amount of time.

Start by applying a light coverage foundation or a tinted moisturiser. This will hide any problem areas without resulting in that heavily applied makeup look. After the base, apply a light setting powder to prevent any visible oil build up. This will also give you that extra bit of coverage. Finally, apply a nude lip gloss and a bit of blush or highlighter and your ten-minute face will be complete. The lip gloss and highlighter will give you that fresh from vacation glow without having to spend hours in front of the vanity.



Finally, it's time to update your wardrobe and be smart about the way you put outfits together. With a few staple pieces, you can look stylish and on top of things every single day. When buying clothes, look for pieces that will go well with what you already have in your wardrobe. This will ensure that any combination of pieces will result in a stylish and well thought out look.

Think of buying a few pairs of pants in different shades of black and grey. Pairing these with a black or grey jacket or even a cardigan will instantly portray that stylish look you're after. With these basics in place, you can have fun with shirts and shoes. Seeing as your staples are monochrome you can pair them with basically any colour. Look out for shirts and ladies shoes with a bit of personality to liven up those basics. Now that your style is sorted, try and plan your outfits the night before to avoid those frantic mornings where nothing in your closet seems to be appropriate. This will give you those extra few minutes to ready yourself for your busy day.

Beauty tips for woman