What goes into that celebrity glow?

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What goes into that celebrity glow?

Celebrities on the red carpet have become synonymous with glamour and flawless beauty. Everything from the outfit to the hairstyle exudes perfection. Not to mention their head-to-toe radiant skin. Us mere mortals could only ever hope to emulate their style and grace. Well, not anymore. With the internet at our disposal and boundless knowledge at our fingertips, we can now shrink the beauty gap between us and them. Products that were once reserved for the rich and famous are now widely available online and have become more affordable with their increasing demand. The internet is also saturated with tutorials and beauty tips, providing the everyday client with enough information to be able to achieve these celebrity looks.

Do not think, however, that achieving this look will be effortless and overnight. Glam teams plan for weeks and spend hours on the day perfecting their clients' appearance before they step out onto the red carpet. Now, you might not need the glam team and weeks of prep, but you will still need to put some effort into it. Like they say, beauty is pain. And sometimes looking red carpet ready can be a pain.


The lifestyle

A big part of the secret to the glow you're craving boils down to your daily routine. Small improvements in all the facets of your daily routine will add up to a new and improved you. Start with your teeth by keeping to a regular and diligent oral hygiene routine. A sparkling smile can instantly heighten your everyday appearance to celeb standards. Make sure to brush, floss and mouthwash every morning and evening. For whitening, apply a baking soda and lemon juice paste to your teeth and rinse with coconut oil every so often. Keep your hair vibrant and healthy by applying hair masks at least once a week. For the full celeb look, visit your hairstylist every two to three weeks for a trim and colour maintenance.

Without necessarily changing your diet drastically, you can benefit from the glow-inducing qualities of celebrity diets. Incorporate plenty of low carbohydrate vegetables into your meal plans and make sure to drink enough water. With fewer toxins in your body, your hair, nails and skin will look rejuvenated. Lastly, and most importantly, make sure to get enough sleep every night. Rest will do wonders for your skin and general energy levels.  


The skin care regimen

Arguably the most noticeable part of that superstar glow is radiant and healthy skin. A full body skin care routine is necessary to achieve this glow. When it comes to your face, regular exfoliation and moisturisation will liven up your features. Adding sugar to your favourite skin cleanser will scrub away dead skin cells and result in healthy, youthful looking skin. Also, make sure to remove your makeup before bed to avoid oil and product buildup. These things lead to unsightly blemishes, which will ruin your new vivacious appearance. Before moisturising, apply vitamin C to your face. This will prevent your skin cells from ageing due to sun damage or dirt buildup.

As for the rest of your body, make sure to treat your skin like a celeb would. A dry skin treatment can go a long way towards ensuring that superstar glow from head to toe. You can only achieve the red carpet look if you are camera ready all over. In short, make sure to keep your skin clean and hydrated by cleansing daily and regularly applying moisturisers from a trusted brand.


The makeup tricks

Now that your skin is naturally luminous, it's time to play up this new found shine by strategically applying makeup. Start your makeup application with a high-quality primer. This will moisturise the skin while ensuring that your makeup will stay on your face for longer. Many brands make primers with an added shimmer to brighten up your foundation from underneath. For that natural celebrity glow, steer clear of high coverage foundations and rather opt for medium to light coverage. Nothing ruins a natural glow quite like visibly thick foundation.

No matter the coverage you choose, make sure to set it with powder. Once again it's best to go for powders with a more natural finish. The idea is to set your foundation, not to completely mattify your face. Once your foundation has been set, add some shimmer back onto your face by using a strobing powder (more commonly known as highlighter). Apply this to the centre of your nose bridge, the highest point of your cheekbones, your tear ducts and the orbital bone towards the tail end of your eyebrows. This will catch the light when you move, leaving you looking vibrant and rested. Once your entire makeup look is done, finish it off with a setting spray. This will essentially melt the products onto your skin to ensure lasting coverage while adding an element of glow as the final layer of your makeup.


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