Keep it natural: alternative health remedies for anxiety and depression

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health remedieshealth remedies

Keep it natural: alternative health remedies for anxiety and depression

Feelings of anxiety and depression can be debilitating for some. However, before you turn to over-the-counter medicine to help, you should consider turning to natural, alternative remedies for anxiety and depression. Putting chemicals into your body often does more harm than good, and so investing in natural remedies may be the solution for you.


Walk it out

Exercise is known for producing endorphins which are known as ‘feel-good chemicals’. By exercising, you will increase the feel-good chemicals in your brain which stimulates new nerve growth, creating new pathways for communication and increasing your brain’s flexibility.

You do not have to do strenuous exercise at a gym, even minimal exercise of up to 30 minutes a day can help to increase the release of endorphins. Yoga is the ideal meditative exercise for combatting depression and anxiety, as is taking a brisk walk through a park or serene surroundings. The oxygen and blood pumped to your brain during exercise also boosts serotonin levels, known as the happiness hormone.


Use essential oils

It is a well-known fact that essential oils such as Lavender and Roman chamomile provide relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression. You could combine these two oils as a room diffuser or use them as part of an alternative health regime with CBD oil for anxiety and depression.

Cannabis oil contains very little THC so you will not have to worry about psychotropic effects, and is an ideal supplement to an anxiety and depression routine. Essential oils come in a variety of uplifting scents, such as sweet orange or lemon verbena, and help to produce dopamine and other positive hormone and chemical reactions in the brain.


Ditch an unhealthy diet

Your diet plays a significant role in your mood and overall health so be sure to examine what you eat carefully in order to make positive changes. One of the best natural remedies for anxiety and depression is Omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in fatty foods such as oily fish, avocados and seeds and nuts. Including more of these foods in your diet will help you to combat depression symptoms naturally, from the inside.

You should try to avoid too many caffeinated drinks, lower your alcohol intake and cut out foods made with refined flour and sugar. Eating healthily is a lifestyle choice that has proved to have significant positive effects on mood and anxiety, so be sure to make better choices when it comes to your food.


Master the art of meditation

Meditating is often portrayed as people sitting in strange positions, chanting bizarre words in films. However, it it is anything but. Meditating can help to calm the mind and bring your energy to a more relaxed place, helping with panic attacks and bouts of depression.

Taking up yoga can help with meditation, as it is a calming form of exercise that requires you to have a clear mind. You can meditate in a quiet space in your own home, should you feel too uncomfortable going to classes.  Be sure that you choose to meditate when the house is empty or quiet, without distractions.


Take vitamin supplements

Having enough vitamins and minerals in your diet is essential, but it can be hard to do with just food. Be sure to include a range of essential vitamin supplements in your daily routine to supplement the food you are eating. Lacking vitamins can be a cause of both anxiety and depression.

The essential vitamins and nutrients you should be taking include Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Omega-3, 6 and 9. These vitamins help keep the central nervous system running properly and preserve brain health. They also provide other benefits such as healthy skin, hair and nails and increased immunity and bone health. By including these vitamins, your brain health will improve, lessening both anxiety and depression symptoms.


Keep a journal

This may sound like something a lovestruck teenager would do, but journalling can prove to be a cathartic and stress-relieving activity. Writing can help you work through your anxiety and depression, and keeping a list of what potentially triggers it could help you whittle down the cause.

Writing down how you feel provides a positive outlet for your emotions and can help you work through past situations that may have affected you negatively. Often it is difficult to describe what happens during an anxiety attack, but if you see it in writing, you can understand it better and be more prepared to work through it when it happens again.


Final thoughts

Combatting anxiety and depression can be done without using traditional, over-the-counter medicine. Utilising what nature has given us, in the right manner, can help to alleviate moderate symptoms. However, you should always consult a medical professional if you are unsure about the side-effects of natural remedies. Moving from chemicals to natural treatments can be a difficult transition but the end results are well worth it.

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