Different ways to use CBD oil

CBD oilCBD oil
CBD oilCBD oil


Different ways to use CBD oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is becoming more popular in the area of supplements and wellness. And it’s readily accessible with the help of online stores and an internet of educational articles. There will always be a first-timer out there who isn’t completely aware of the how-to part of consuming and using CBD oil. But that’s what this article is here to help with.  

From the use of cannabidiol in the UK and around the world, we are already aware of the benefits of adding CBD oil to your daily supplementary routine. And we also know how safe it is for the entire family. There are so many reasons why you should buy cannabidiol and after reading this article, you won’t have any more reservations about how to use it.


Under the tongue

The most common method of ingesting CBD oil is orally. Most CBD products come with a dropper which makes it easy to place under the tongue or swirl inside the mouth before swallowing. There are also pump-spray bottles of CBD oil that make it even easier to ingest.

CBD oil manufacturers have also taken into the consideration of the original flavour not being a favourite for every user. So, should you not be a fan of how natural CBD oil tastes, you can choose between a variety of flavours so that you can enjoy both the flavour and the benefits.

There will be, however, a select few who still aren’t too keen on swirling and swallowing oil just like that. And for those people, there are other ways that CBD oil can be used as the beneficial supplement it is.


Food or drink additives

For a less direct approach to consuming CBD oil, you can use it as a food or drink additive. You won’t be too focused on the taste or texture of the oil if it’s been added to something else. This will make it easier to consume and easier for your body to digest.

Fatty acids in foods can be used as carriers of the cannabidiol which means your body will be able to process it faster. And it can be added to almost any meal or drink for your convenience. Popular drink choices include smoothies and coffee, while popular food choices include salads, porridge and ice cream.

Using CBD oil as a food or drink additive is one of the less invasive methods of ingesting CBD oil as a dietary supplement.


CBD pen

E-cigarettes and vaping are also becoming increasingly popular and CBD oil manufacturers have taken that fact into consideration. With a CBD pen, CBD oil is used as the fluid inside that’s burned by a coil and is then ingested through inhalation.

This method of CBD use is popular amongst smokers and vapers and is appealing because there are health benefits to it as opposed to damages. And for those of you who are sceptic about CBD oil because of its cannabis origins, this method proves the safety and non-hallucinogenic properties of CBD oil. There is no method of using of CBD oil that will make you “high” or lead you to experience any type of psychoactivity (Not even smoking it through a CBD pen even though smoking is highly associated with marijuana). This is because there are no traces of THC in CBD oil.

The only downside of “smoking” CBD oil is that it has less of an effect than a more concentrated supplementary approach (such as ingesting under the tongue).  


Skin balm

Another way to use CBD oil is in the form of a skin balm as a moisturiser and supplement for your the health of your skin. What you need to look for in CBD topical products is the ability to penetrate the skin in order to absorb the wellness properties. Otherwise, it will just be another skin balm to make your hands look and smell good. You need your skin to feel good after using the balm in order for it to make a difference and warrant the importance of it being a supplement to your skincare regimen.

With all the different CBD oil products and ways to use these products, it’s an easy supplement to add to your daily routine. If you’re concerned about your general wellness and are looking for an extra supplement to keep you on top of things, then you need to consider taking CBD oil. And you can’t use the excuse of not knowing how to use it because we’ve just covered that. Choose the method that suits your lifestyle best and is easiest for you to do. It’s as simple as that.  

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