Items you should always carry for a pick me up

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Items you should always carry for a pick me up

Between work, gym, school runs, grocery shopping and making dinner, the day of an average person is incredibly busy. And with everything going on, our energy levels are drained, our minds and bodies exhausted and our motivation runs dry. This makes it difficult to push through the rest of the day, which is something many of us can’t afford.

So, what are the items we should be carrying around with us every day to give us an extra boost and help us beat the day’s challenges?

Water bottle

Let’s start with the most obvious item, shall we? A bottle of water is your best friend throughout the day. Water keeps your body hydrated which prevents headaches, keeps your skin elastic, clears your mind and gives you the energy you need to make it through that meeting.

There are so many benefits to drinking the recommended two litres of water every day; it’s an easy way to gain energy and feel good. Many people rely on coffee and caffeinated drinks alone to feel energised, but those drinks can easily dehydrate you and make you feel terrible. Have a balanced combination of water and caffeine, and you can have the best of both worlds.

The easiest and most eco-friendly thing to do is to buy a one-litre bottle and fill it in the morning, drink it all and fill it up again somewhere throughout the day. You might need a bigger bag to carry it in while you’re on the go, but it’s more affordable to pack your own than buy bottled water every single day.   


Moisturising cream

There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than the feeling of dry hands on pretty much any other material. But keeping your hands and skin moisturised does more than just make touching textures bearable, it helps your skin even out, look younger, feel fresh and even fight wrinkles before they become permanent residents on your forehead.

Carry a small tub or tube of hand and body moisturiser. And when you and your skin are feeling tired (they are one and the same), freshen up by rubbing some moisturiser on your hands and body. If you want to add an extra element of relaxation, buy lavender-scented cream and take your time rubbing it into your skin. Your body will thank you later. On the topic of moisturising, you should also carry lip balm with you to keep your lips healthy and hydrated.


CBD oil

CBD, available in South Africa, is starting to gain popularity. The supplementary properties of CBD oil make it the perfect natural booster and reliever in moments of stress. And to ingest it, it’s as simple as dropping a few drops under your tongue and swirling it around your mouth before you swallow it.

If you’re someone who’s always looking for the next best supplement to help with general wellbeing on a daily basis, then you should be considering the use of CBD oil. Buy a bottle of CBD oil in Cape Town, carry it with your in your handbag and when things start to get a little overwhelming, pop a few drops into your mouth and let the oil do its work.


Portable charger

Our worlds fall apart when our cellphone battery hits the red zone. Being out and about with a dead cellphone can be extremely stressful for most people and stress is not something we need during a busy day. Always be sure to have a fully charged portable charger with you and ready to be the pick me up your phone needs to keep you going throughout the rest of the day.

If you do your business on your phone, you  need this with you every day, there’s no way around it.


Snacks of some sort

It’s very easy to lose track of time and forget to eat when you’re running around or completely focused on a task at work. For that reason, you should always have some snacks on hand to nibble on and replenish those energy levels to keep you going until you have a chance to grab a proper meal.

Peanuts (or nuts of any kind really), biltong, fresh or dried fruit and energy bars are quick-and-easy, pack-and-go kind of snacks that are still nutritious and healthy enough to make you feel good about your snacking habits.



It’s not a nice feeling going through the motions of one part of your day only to realise you’ve worked up a sweat going into the next part of your day. Even if that’s not the case, eight hours at work can make you feel dirty and when you feel dirty, you aren’t confident or motivated to do anything else but shower and get into bed. Which you can’t exactly do when the end of your workday isn’t the end of your day.

Carry a roll-on or aerosol deodorant with you in your bag or car. This way, when you feel like the whole day is sitting on your skin, you can quickly spray it away and feel fresh enough to continue through the next few hours.

Random and little things you wouldn’t usually consider, will make all the difference to your energy and mood throughout the day. 

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