The best exercises to relieve stress



The best exercises to relieve stress

Stress is something that many people suffer from. It can cause us to have physical distress and can be debilitating to our mental health. But you can remedy it with natural methods, one of which includes exercise. Exercise helps to bring oxygen to our brains, which helps it to release endorphins which help to improve our mood.

So, if you want to alleviate stress, look into exercises such as cycling and get some cycling gear or invest in a yoga mat and leggings. Below are just some of the best exercises for relieving stress.


Catch up on cycling

Cycling is a highly effective exercise for alleviating stress. You will be spending time outdoors in the fresh air, which is great for clearing your head and helping you to relax. You can choose bright and vibrant cycling gear to help you feel inspired and motivated and choose a route that helps you to unwind and rethink stressful situations.

If you are a more adventurous type, you could look into mountain biking. It is a sport which many people enjoy, especially because it allows you to get more in touch with nature and explore some unique trails in different cities. Be sure to choose a cycling route that challenges you but that is also relative to your fitness level.


Keep flexible with yoga

Yoga is one of the most popular stress-relieving exercises you can try. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to help you relax, meditate and destress. You will learn how to control your breathing in order to calm your nerves and you will become more flexible too.

You also do not have to worry about your age or fitness levels, as anyone of any age can practice yoga. You can join a beginner’s class to start with and move onto more advanced lessons when you feel stronger. Yoga helps to lower blood pressure and your heart rate, both of which are elements in creating stress.


Take up tai chi

Like yoga, tai chi is a slow-moving form of exercise. It involves flowing body movements and simple breathing techniques, and is as effective at combating stress as yoga is. While the movements do have origins in martial arts, the movements are designed to help you calm the mind and keep your body in prime condition.

Aside from helping to beat stress, tai chi can also help to build bone density, lower your blood pressure, boost the immune system and even help with chronic pain. You can practice tai chi anywhere at any time, which makes it ideal for those stressful situations that happen and that you need to deal with in the moment. Tai chi is simple but highly effective.


Kick up a storm with kickboxing

Aerobic exercise is fantastic for alleviating stress and helping to deal with difficult times. Not only does it help you to burn a lot of calories but it also helps to maintain a high metabolism, which can help to lower your stress levels.

Combining kickboxing with a sport like cycling is a great way to combat stress, so be sure to look for both cycling gear and kickboxing gloves when you next look for sports gear. Breathing techniques are taught and aerobic exercise is well known for introducing more oxygen to the brain and blood, which is helpful for releasing positive endorphins. You will become fitter and stronger and will be able to deal with stress correctly.


These takkies were made for walking

Walking is one of the simplest but most effective stress-relieving exercises to try. Not only will you become fitter and more energetic but you will be spending time outdoors and in nature, which provides fresh air to your brain and lungs.

Walking can decrease the risk of stress-related health issues such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. You do not have to power walk, you can take it slow and easy and choose a path that inspires you and helps you to relax. Be sure to use comfortable walking shoes and take along plenty of bottled water and some healthy snacks. Take time to stop and take in the scenery and take deep breaths to help you to unwind.


Keep moving for your health

Whether you decide to stock up on cycling gear from online cycle shops in South Africa and go for afternoon rides or decide to don leggings, buy a yoga mat and increase your flexibility, exercise is one of the best ways to beat stress. Living a sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to a stress-free mindset so you should look for a sport that you truly enjoy.

Tai chi and kickboxing might sound like really out-of-the-box ideas but they can provide a unique way to let off steam. By choosing to exercise, you will be helping to improve your body, help with weight loss and other health benefits and calm your mind in order to alleviate stress.