7 tips that will help you fight those viruses and keep your immune system in tip-top shape

fight virusesfight viruses
fight virusesfight viruses


7 tips that will help you fight those viruses and keep your immune system in tip-top shape

Your immune system works tirelessly to defend your body against viruses. But, because of poor lifestyle habits, stress and diets, our immune systems weaken, making it easier for viruses to creep in.. But, as with everything in our bodies, a little TLC can whip it back into shape.

If you don’t know how you can fight the virus and keep your immune system healthy, read the article below.


Start eating the right food

One of the best ways to boost your immune system is by eating the right food. Luckily, health stores are a booming business, and you can find a health store in Cape Town and other cities that stocks the vitamins and supplements you need. As we all know, one way of keeping healthy, and preventing the flu is by eating food that helps keep your immune system strong. So, fill your day with vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and grains.

Remember that supplements should come after changing your diet because what’s the point of taking something that’s found in food. So, ditch the refined carbs and sugary treats and start eating the food your body needs to stay healthy.


Find ways to manage your stress

Everyone knows that stress is a silent killer. And, unfortunately, you can't avoid stress, whether it's the pressure at work, at school or at home. However, you must find ways to manage your stress, as this ensures cold and flu prevention, among other things.

To manage your stress, you can:

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Get enough rest.
  • Manage your time properly at work to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Build a strong relationship with people you can share your feelings with.
  • Spend time alone and address your issues.
  • Consider speaking to a professional if you feel your stress levels are too high.


Practise good hygiene

This is something you're taught in pre-school, but, can you truly say you’re doing it religiously? Well, you need to be. One of the simplest ways people’s immune system becomes weak is if you’re not practising good hygiene. For example, wash your hands when making food, and when you’re about to eat. Proper care can help minimise contact with viruses, ensuring you’re in tip-top shape every day.


Stay away from sick people

This is not to say you need to avoid people like the plague. No, it means you need to be wary when people around you are sick. Even if you have a healthy immune system, when you’re constantly around someone who's sick or sharing things with them; you can get sick. So, try and avoid close contact like hugging and sharing utensils without them being washed, etc. 


Prioritise sleep

Sleep is an important part of our lives, and you shouldn’t deprive yourself. Just like it helps manage stress, sleep can also help keep your immune health. Studies show that sleep deprivation has the same effects on your immune system as stress does. When you don’t get enough sleep, your white blood cells get disrupted which is a critical element to a healthy immune system. So, to beat the common cold, make sure you sleep at least seven hours every day.


Consider supplements

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, supplements should be the last resort after changing your diet and lifestyle. But, once you’ve done the necessary changes, you can add supplements to your diet. You can find supplements in good quality health food shops in Cape Town. If you’re going this route, you should get vitamin A, D and E, iron, folic acid and zinc. These can help to boost your system and keep any viruses at bay.


Exercise regularly

Exercising has many benefits, but it helps with disease control and prevention. As we know, physical activity produces endorphins that help lower your stress levels and can help you fight viruses like the flu virus. And, even those with a hectic schedule can incorporate exercise. For example;

  • You can opt to take the stairs every day instead of the lift or elevator.
  • Have a gym buddy who will hold you accountable.
  • Make it more fun for you and find activities you enjoy.


Final thoughts

We don’t take note of how everything you do in life's connected and can have a bad impact on our health. So, it's always important to find a balance, get enough sleep, find ways to manage your stress, work out, and more importantly, eat healthily. Because whether we like it or not “we are what we eat.” So, eating junk food all the time will not do anything for your health. This is not to say you should not indulge, but it should be a treat and not a lifestyle.


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